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Find All The Recommended Medicines And Wellness Products You Need And More.

Your care and wellness is our primary concern.

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At Curewell Pharmacy we understand the value of building the right relationship with you and providing high quality products and services along with super friendly customer service has been at the heart of that since 2013.

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

We Are a Full Service Pharmacy


Onsite – walk in


Screening – walk in 

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Surgical Supplies

Full compliment



Diabetic Supplies

Full compliment

Everything In Once Place

Your One Stop Pharmacy

Being part of the Elmont community our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for you to find what you need quickly. 

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

Diabetic Supplies

Glucose monitors, meters, test strips, lancets, insulin pumps and pens, glucose tabs and liquids, compression stockings, diabetic socks and wound care and more.

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

Surgical & Medical Supplies

Wheelchairs, knee braces, blood pressure monitors, durable medical supplies, needles, syringes, needle-holders, medicine cups, towels, gauze,  compartment trays, scissors and more.

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY


Adults and kids can get caught up to all their recommended vaccinations for school or travel needs, inclusive of  annual flu shots. This can be done by appointment or on a walk-in basis. 

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

Medicine & Vitamin

We carry a full complement of the most recommeded prescription drugs as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals and nutritional suppliments.

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

Personal Care Items

Cleansing pads, colognes, cotton swabs, cotton pads, deodorant,  facial tissue, hair clippers, lip balm, lotion,  hand soap, facial cleanser, body wash, nail files, pomade, perfumes, razors, shaving cream, moisturizer, baby powder.

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

Other Services

wMoneyGram Services, UPS pickup and delivery point,  run out of small grocery items  and need to restock? No Worries, We’ve got you covered. 

Live Chat Support

Chat With An Expert

We are available to live chat with you during business hours whenever you have questions. During off hours you can send us a message and well get back to you as soon as possible.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Our Customers

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY
Based on 19 reviews
Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals Elmont NY

One year update… last year I reviewed Curewell just by using them one time. Both me & my husband have since dropped Walgreens, as I said I would in a review of them & we have joined Curewell. AMAZING ppl. ” 

Laura Strika

My wife and I love ❤️ Curewell pharmacy. We have been going to Curewell for about 6 years now. We got tired of the corporate big chain pharmacies/and their politics (who treat their customers like cattle🐮) and were fortunate to stumble upon this little 💎 gem.”

Robert Gutierrez

This is only our 2nd month with them but I HAVE to say AMAZING staff. Sweet, INFORMED & Helpful. The pharmacist is CONCERNED about what is going on with his customers & takes a moment when he can to talk to you. BRAVO guys! Thank you for giving us a PERSONAL pharmacy that remembers us a PEOPLE instead of a chain where you are a number, not a name!

Laura Ferrante


     (517) 872-8700               FAX (516) 872-8705


1785 Dutch Broadway    Elmont, New York          11003


customerservice@  curewellpharmacy.com

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