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Serving the Elmont, Franklin Square, New Hyde Park, Valley Stream, Cambria Heights and surrounding communities.


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It is truly our privilege to serve you, which is why our highly skilled team will always go above and beyond to ensure you have a pleasant experience each and every time you visit us.

Our Mission is to provide you and your family with excellent specialty pharmacy services to support good health with a level of customer service we are proud to offer.

Top-Class Specialty Pharmacy Services

We combine the best in technology, procedures and caring staff members to professionally meet all of your Pharmaceutical needs.



Protect against infection and disease by getting all the recommended vaccines.

diabetes care


Understand and manage your diabetes with specialized monitoring and medications.

Health Screening


Onsite health screenings that allow you to get more information on your health

Free delivery


We offer free home delivery for your convenience. Contact us to schedule. 

medical equipment


We carry a wide selection of medical equipment including Ambulatory aids.

medication adherence


Let our pharmacists help you better manage all your medications..

medicare part D open enrollment


Medicare Part D plan changes every year. Make sure you have the right one for you.

multi dose packaging


We offer a multi-dose packaging that bundles your medications together.

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How We Manage Your Prescriptions

We use ScriptPro which maintains a  comprehensive drug information system recognized by the FDA as an important source of accurate and current information for prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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Fantastic Pharmacy Care the First Time, Every Time!

At Curewell Pharmacy, we provide fantastic care for all our customers. From your initial health screening to diabetes care, immunizations and cosmetic procedures, our team will take excellent care of all your pharmacy needs.
We are an independent and locally owned neighborhood pharmacy. We understand the community and put the care and wellness of our customer neighbors at the center of our business.

The Local Specialty Pharmacy Difference

Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals is a leading community pharmacy in Elmont, Franklin Square, New Hyde Park, Valley Stream, and Cambria Heights. We offer personalized healthcare services for patients of all ages. Our goal is to provide individualized care, community outreach programs and education that promote better health for our neighbors.

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Experience a 5 Star Pharmacy Service

Every patient is a VIP at Curewell Pharmacy & Surgicals! That’s why we are able to get great review ratings in Elmont NY year after year.


A Refreshing New Twist on Pharmacy Services

At Curewell pharmacy, we understand that you have a busy life. We have easy no-appointment necessary options that makes it easy for you to fit your pharmacy needs into your busy lifestyle.  With a relaxed modern environment and excellent pharmacy care, you’ll love how we treat you when you become our customer.

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About Curewell Pharmacy

With over 9 years of providing professional pharmacy services in Elmont, we truly care about your health and your experiences with us. Our team will do everything within our power to help you meet each of your health needs and goals.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Pill Packing

Pill Packing

Easy Prescriptions

Easy Prescriptions

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Express Delivery

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   Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance do you accept?

We accept most of the insurance plans  including Medicare, Medicaid  and 1199. We accept most of the insurance plans  including Medicare, Medicaid  and 1199.

Does it really matter what time of day you take medications?

Yes, a dosing schedule is important, because every medication that you take has a specific dosing schedule — once a day, three times a day, etc. You should try to take your medication at the same time every day for the most beneficial effect of that medication. And if the medication is discontinued by the doctor, that needs to be noted and followed.

How long can medicine be used after the expiration date?

You need to be cognizant of expiration dates. Certain medications like insulin, nitroglycerin and liquid antibiotics are most sensitive to expiration dates. If you have questions about the potency and effectiveness of medications you take, always check with your doctor or pharmacist. 


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